Are you moving to a new home? Use this moving check list to make the process go smoothly.

2-3 Months before Moving

  • Research moving companies, get estimates from at least 3
  • If planning to move yourself, estimate all costs including rental truck, gas, and parking permits
  • Measure! Make sure your furniture will be able to fit out of your old home and into your new home. Also, make a furniture floor plan to see what will fit.
  • Start sorting and getting rid of items you don’t need. List items for sale online asap, and hold a garage sale for less valuable items at least 1 month before moving day.

1-2 Months before Moving

  • Start gathering all important documents, like medical and school records
  • Get referrals for health care providers in new home town
  • Decide on a moving company and reserve your dates
  • Make an inventory of valuable items; write down serial numbers and take photos
  • Start packing items which you don’t use often, like garage and attic items

3-4 Weeks before Moving

  • Schedule to have utilities disconnected at old home and connected at new home
  • Have rugs and drapes cleaned and packed for moving
  • Make travel plans for your move – hotel, pet arrangements, etc.
  • Begin packing items you use infrequently, as well as extra items, such as extra towels and linens
  • Clean clothes, bedding and other items for packing
  • Cancel any subscriptions
  • Make change of address notifications, including changing address at post office, with banks, schools, and organizations

1-2 Weeks before Moving

  • Confirm dates with moving company
  • Pack a “survival box” of essential items which you will need the last few days in your old home and first few days in your new home
  • Get all medications you need
  • Start using up food and cleaning items

1-2 Days before Moving

  • Clean refrigerator
  • Defrost freezer
  • Confirm that utilities are turned on in new place and scheduled to be shut off in old place
  • Confirm travel arrangements
  • If moving yourself, dismantle furniture
  • Get money needed to pay for moving and travel expenses

Moving Day

  • Check that the moving company is the one you hired
  • Read and sign bill of lading
  • Supervise moving; make sure to tell movers to pack “survival box” last
  • Give your movers any information, such as phone numbers and floor plans for furniture
  • Clean your home before exiting
  • Lock the doors and windows


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